Advanced Surgery

Advanced Surgery

Anaesthetic Safety:

We strive to make all surgical procedures as safe as possible for your pet.

Many owners are worried about putting their animal under an anaesthetic.  Whilst all anaesthetics carry a risk (even in humans), newer anaesthetics have significantly lower risks of complications even for sick or elderly patients.

The Ivanhoe East Vet Clinic uses the safest medications and the latest monitoring equipment available. Our patients recover in the main staffed area so that they are continuously monitored. We use a capnograph to monitor our patients which is considered by academics to be the gold standard monitoring device as it picks up complications much earlier than other commonly used devices. Furthermore, all patients receive an intravenous catheter and fluids as a mandatory practice, as this reduces anaesthetic risk and further allows us to intervene quickly should anything untoward happen.

All outpatients on an intravenous drip which helps maintain blood pressure during the anaesthetic and improves recovery times.

Optional (but strongly recommended) for all pets is a blood test run before the procedure to ensure no undetected illness is present that may affect the outcome of the anaesthetic or surgery.

Like humans, dogs can rupture cruciate ligaments in their knee.

Rather than a twist of the knee, canine cruciate ligaments can break down gradually over months/years.  Fifty percent of dogs will rupture the cruciate in their other leg within 12 months of the first.

Specialists and academics agree that surgery is recommended in all cases of knee ligament rupture to achieve the best long term outcome. If left untreated, arthritis is inevitable and the knee will become crippled with age. It is essential that ALL dogs over 15kg be offered an advanced surgery, most commonly performed at a specialist facility, that has been proven to be superior to any of the older methods (such as De Angelis and internal graft techniques). It is however more expensive at a specialist and may not be affordable to everyone.

At Ivanhoe East Vet Hospital we perform a technique called the tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA) which has pros and cons compared to other advanced techniques but is the surgery of choice for many specialists.

We have experienced better outcomes in cats and dogs and patients of all weights with this technique. If cost is prohibitive, the original DeAngelis method can give good outcomes in patients < 10kg. In dogs > 10kg there will be a higher level of ongoing arthritis and longer recovery times but the result can still be satisfactory.

Dental Procedures:

We have a dedicated table for performing dental procedures which reduces cross-contamination to the surgical theatre and the latest equipment to remove tartar from your pet’s teeth. We have a specialised dental x-ray machine so your pet receives the best care.  We always follow up with methods to keep your pet’s teeth clean at home to minimise further dental procedures.