Dental Health Checks & Procedures

Dental Health Checks

It is clinically reported that 80% of all cats and dogs will have some degree of dental disease by 2 years of age. But then, so would we if we didn’t brush or floss for 2 years!

The most common signs of dental disease are smelly breath, drooling, inflamed or bleeding gums and difficulty eating.

We are big advocates of preventative dental care and like to make sure you are informed of the different ways to keep your pet’s teeth healthy so please do come in for a dental health check and we can go through everything with you.

Dental health checks are complimentary.

During a dental exam, our vets will design a prevention and treatment plan specific to your pet. Early dental disease can sometimes be managed by teeth brushing at home, a change in diet, dental chews or water additives. We stock these effective cleaning products at our clinic.

Most cases often require a dental scale and polish under general anaesthetic, however, in some cases tooth extractions may be needed. We will ensure that you are always in the know before we proceed with any extractions.

If you believe your pet may be suffering from dental disease call us today to book a free dental check 9497 3003.


Dental Procedures:

We have a dedicated table for performing dental procedures and the latest equipment to remove tartar from your pet’s teeth. We have a specialised dental x-ray machine so your pet receives the most thorough examination and care. We always follow up with methods to keep your pet’s teeth clean at home to minimise further dental procedures.
We also have new equipment which will allow us to repair healthy teeth damaged from chewing something hard (like a bone) to avoid unnecessary removal.

Before and after a dental scale and polish: