Injured / Orphaned Animals

Found an Injured / Orphaned Animal?

Ivanhoe East Vet believes all species deserve every chance at life. If you find an injured or orphaned animal whether native or not please call us on 9497 3003 for advice and we may ask that you bring them in so we can provide appropriate care. There is no cost to you if you bring in an injured, orphaned or lost animal. (please take note of the location you found them so we can return them if/when appropriate).

  • If you find a lost cat or dog and there is no owner in sight, please give us a call. Most domestic cats and dogs have a microchip that can be scanned.

  • Do not bring in a fledgeling bird without calling us for advice first, often they may seem abandoned but Mum & Dad are usually watching from a distance.

  • During Spring it is also common to find baby possums lying on the ground, unfortunately, they do not last very long out of the warmth of Mums pouch. Please call us and we will give you advice on keeping them warm and bringing them in.

  • Should you find injured wildlife in the middle of the night (for example a kangaroo has been hit by a car and you find a joey in her pouch), please call Wildlife Victoria on: 03 8400 7300 

  • It is important not to feed any animal unless you have received advice from us or an organisation such as first.