Pathology & Diagnostics

Pathology & Diagnostics

Pathology and diagnostic procedures help identify the cause of your pet’s ailment. At the Ivanhoe East Vet Hospital we have advanced diagnostics available in house, which allows us to diagnose and treat conditions rapidly.

The faster we find out what is wrong, the faster we can treat your pet and return them to optimal health (or manage ongoing issues).

Our diagnostic equipment includes:


Used to diagnose many conditions particularly relating to skin and ear infections as well as skin lumps.


We have an in-house blood machine that is able to process a blood test within minutes. We also have external pathologists on call for more complicated conditions.


Our clinic has a state of the art digital X-ray machine which allows us to take high quality X-rays which are developed instantaneously.


We have a state of the art ultrasound machine which provides an immediate picture of the heart or organs in the abdomen. It is very concise but its usefulness is limited to the experience of the vet using the machine. Dr Rob has completed an advanced 12 month ultrasonography course through the University of Sydney which advances his abilities to diagnose medical conditions from ultrasound.