Pre-Surgery Information

Is your pet booked in for a procedure at our clinic?

Rest assured our team is highly trained to ensure you and your pet have a positive and safe experience.

There are a few things you need to do in preparation for your pets procedure:

Pre-surgical instructions:

·Food should be withheld from 8pm the night prior to surgery (no breakfast the morning of surgery). This ensures there is reduced risk of vomiting while under anaesthetic.

·Water should be made available until you bring them into the clinic.

·If your pet is on any medication please inform our team and confirm if it should be given the morning of admission.

Drop off and pick up:

·On the morning of the procedure your pet should be dropped off between 8am and 9am or at your allocated admit appointment time if you have been given one.

·One of our friendly nurses will go through some paperwork with you  (unless an appointment the vet has been arranged) so please allow time for this.

·Please make sure you are readily contactable throughout the day in case we need to reach you. Please advise us in the morning if there is a certain time you will not be contactable.

·Pick up is in the late afternoon depending on the surgery schedule, our nurses will call you once your pet is in recovery to organise a pick up time.

Pre-anaesthetic blood test:

·Consider whether you would like your pet to have a blood test prior to going under general anaesthetic. This test can highlight conditions such as anaemia (low red blood cells), clotting problems and assessing liver and kidney function that may increase the risks associated with being under anaesthetic. 

·Blood tests are highly recommended for senior patients over 8 years of age.